Madras Andrology and Assisted Reproduction Research Centre, Chennai, is one of the foremost 'Male infertility Centres' in India. The only centre started by the Urologist Dr.A.Rajasekaran, who has the experience of evaluating more than 30,000 infertile couples since 1972.

Being the foremost infertility center in India, with main focus on Andrology, the ICSI programme and Sperm Retrieval methods were introduced in MARC from 1997.

MARC Infertility team has the expertise in Andrology, and all the Assisted Reproduction procedure (IVF/ICSI) and also Cryobiological application of sperms and embryos.

B.R.S Hospital, #28, Cathedral Garden Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034

Telephone: 044 2823 9365, 4354 6310 | MOBILE: +91 96001 33873

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