Infertility Practice in India

Infertility Practice in India

Infertility Practice in India

Quakery & Media Coverage On Infertility

In India there is absolutely no control on Media like TV with the result in the guise of alternate system of medicine all and sundry appear on TV. They hire slots at enormous cost which in turn is passed on to the infertile couple. These 'quacks' promise attractive options for cure in every case of infertility Male and Female and advertise a lot impress the gullible public. Very often by the time the couple gone through years of wasted inappropriate infertility treatments and funds exhausted and they would find it difficult to afford for advanced ART, treatment with ICSI.

Extraneous Stress On The Couple

Married couple face extrinsic pressure from their in laws – relatives and ' well wishers'. This factor increases stress on the husband and wife and to some extent even for the treating physicians. It is not uncommon for Mother in law or Father in law to question the masculinity of the husband for Infertility in the couple.

Unconsummated Marriages

Many Indian Couple eventhough married for years have not had sexual relationship 'Unconsummated marriages' are so common in India Only careful historytaking and clinical examination would reveal such problems.

Sperm Count & Pregnancy

Some men wonder why inspite of adequate sexual intercourse they could not father a child, Sexual adequacy and lack of sperms are two different issues. One may feel that he ejaculates semen in adequate quantity. They are shocked to find their Semen analysis reported as 'no sperms' (Azoospermia). Sperm count may vary between different occasions on the same individual.

Semen Analysis – 'Pyospermia Vs Immature Sperm Cells

The sperm precursors mimic pus cells, since both of them are rounded in shape. They could be differentiated only by special staining techniques. Many laboratories unaware of this information report all the round cells in ejaculate as 'pus cells'. Based on such false information the treating physicians prescribe unnecessary antibiotics.

Varicocele Overdiagnosed & Overtreated Even By Urologists

Varicocele – occurrence of plexus of veins in the scrotum of men, by itself is not justification for surgery. Hardly any urologist ignore the finding of varicocele and majority of these men are advised surgical correction.Besides being unnecessary surgery, secondary hydrocele and even testicular atrophy has been reported following varicocele surgery.

Medical Treatment In Male Infertility

The Couple with Male Infertility (OAT / AZOOSPERMIA) waste lot of money and time on Medical Management.

Intrauterine Insemination –(IUI) Basic Facts

IUI has been abused in Infertility treatment. At Chennai, a metropolitian city in India, there are some laboratories who only prepare the sperm for IUI , The couple travel long distances to get IUI done by the treating Gynecologists who schedule IUI in between their busy consultations. This is a routine meant to be condemned. How do you expect the sperms prepared for IUI to be alive and kicking all through the transport?. Who is to be blamed for failed IUI? .The anxious couple unscrupulous laboratories or the ignorance of treating doctor !

Do Not Interpret Semen Analysis Without Clinical Examination Of The Male

Many gynecologists interpret the male infertility based only on Semen Analysis report without any clinical examination of the male partner, Scrotal ultrasound is not a substitute for careful clinical examination.

Women's age and Infertility

In Modern society woman's age is more significant for infertility. The following factors contribute to this trend.

  • Contraception is ready available
  • More women are in workforce
  • Women marrying at older age.
  • Married women delay pregnancy until they are financially secure.
  • Most women fail to realise that fertility begins to decline in late 30s

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