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Padmashri Prof. Dr. A.Rajasekaran

Padmasri Awarded  by President of India 2008
Padmasri Awarded by President of India 2008
Dr. B. C. Roy National Award by President of India - 1998
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As President, National Board of Examinations- introduced Fellowship programme in Reproductive Medicine (2004 - 2009)
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Awarded FRCS by Royal College of Surgeons - 1991
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Life Time Achievement Award - 2016 "Pioneer in Andrology "
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Dr. ARS with Late Dr. E.V. Kalyani, Indira Ramamoorthi, Ramani Sivaraman, Sheela Rajaratnam – 1982

Date of Birth

17th November 1935.


  • MBBS ( Stanley Medical College 1953- 58 )
  • M.S. ( General Surgery 1965 – 67 )
  • M.Ch, Madras Medical College- Urology (1968 – 70)
  • FRCS., Edinburgh- 1991
  • D.Sc., Doctor of Science ,Dr.M.G.R. Medical University(Honoris Causa - 1998 )


  • Padmasri by Her Excellency the President of India (2008)
  • BC ROY National Award by His Excellency the President of India (1998)
  • Priyamvada Birla Oration Award – ( 2007)
  • President , Urological Society of India (1992) Urology Gold Medal ( 1993)
  • Life time achievement awards- Best Teacher awards.

From 1972 to 1993 served as Professor & Head of Urology at KMC & Madras Medical College. He trained more than 26 Urologists for M.Ch., ( Urology) .Post Graduate Examiner for almost all the Universities in India including AIIMS , New Delhi and PGI Chandigarh. Elected as President of Urological society of India(1992) Awarded Urology Gold Medal . Delivered Hemadri Sarkar Oration on "Male Infertility"- (Clinical, Histological, Cytogenetic aspect) USI- 1993.

Prof. A. Rajasekaran is a pioneer in the field of 'Male Infertility' in India involving himself in clinical and Research since 1972. He is the only Urologist in India to start an exclusive of infertility centre, ( Madras Andrology & Assisted Reproduction Research Centre (MARC)) performing ICSI successfully on sperms extracted from testis even in cases of Azoospermia. He had his training in Infertility in UK, USA, & Australia . He has vast experience of evaluation and treatment of more than 30,000 couples, Sperm retrieval from testes and Intra cytoplasmic Sperm Injection ( ICSI) regularly performed at MARC since 1997, resulting in birth of hundreds of healthy babies. With special focus on Male Infertility , ICSI Is performed in cases of very few, poorly motile sperms ( Oligoasthenospermia)and No Sperms ( Azoospermia). MARC has the distinction of achieving ICSI pregnancies bringing happiness to many families of Infertile couple.

Govt of India nominated Prof.A.Rajasekaran as President of National Board of Examinations (NBE) (1998 to 2001 & 2004 to 2009 ).NBE offers DNB Post Graduate Medical Qualifications and Fellowship in various subspecialties. Prof. Rajasekaran introduced Post Doctoral Fellowship programmes (FNB) in many specialities including Reproductive Medicine. With his initiative many Doctors became specialists in the field of Reproductive Medicine in India since then. He served as member, Post Graduate Committee, Medical Council of India (MCI) & Governing Body Member, All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS),New Delhi (1998 to 2008).

1972 – 1998

Professor of Urology, Kilpauk Medical college & Madras Medical College


Started First Infertility Clinic, at Govt.Royapettah Hospital, Chennai


STYPTOE & EDWARDS at Cambridge invented IVF & Birth of Louis Brown .


'Cryopreservation of Human Semen' - Published in Indian Journal of Urology.


Presented paper at AUA New Orleans on Male Infertility & Internal Urinary fistula


Orientation to Male Infertility – Amelar( New York) , Sherman sibler ( St Louis ) , Mark Goldstein ( NY) USA.


Participated at Edinburgh Infertility Conference (UK)


Selected by UNFPA/ AVSC /GOI as core officer for training in Microsurgery at San Francisco, USA.


Awarded FRCS by Royal college of Surgeons, Edinburgh

1991 – 92

Established 'MARC - I' Madras Andrology Research Centre for evaluation of Infertile Male


Elected as 'President , Urological Society of India'


Awarded 'Urology Gold Medal & Delivered HIMADRI SARCAR oration , Topic 'Clinical , Cytologic& Genetics of Male Infertility'.

1992 – 93



Visited Sydney IVF & Interacted with David Mortimor on Andrological Techniques.


Established MARC II, Madras Andrology & Assisted Reproduction Research Centre performing ICSI in Male Infertility.

1998 to 2001

President , National Board of Examinations ( DNB), New Delhi


Awarded Dr.B.C.Roy National Award by President of India in recognition of Development of Specialities


Awarded Doctorate of Science , DSc ( Honoris Causa) by Dr.MGR Medical University- Chennai

2004 to 2009

As President of National Board of Examinations ( Second Term) developed 'Fellowship Programme in Reproductive Medicine recognizing several centres of Excellence in India.


Awarded Padma Shri by the Her Excellency the President of India

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